5 Fine Sex Tips For First Timers Which Make Your First Experience Memorable!

The very first time you have sex with someone, or sexual intercourse whatsoever, it is indeed a deeply individual experience. Sex means different things and comes with different feelings from person to person. In spite of that, there are many detailed steps and tips that can make your very first time having sex easier and more enjoyable, which are pretty generally great things for sexual intercourse to be.

Here are 5 of the best First Time Sex Tips For Virgins:

1. Use Protection: A Huge Mental Support While Having Sex

Believe me, If you are planning to have sex with anybody, stranger or no stranger, use protection. This is both for the girl and the boy involved.

Sex is something which requires your mental strength as well as your physical energy. If you are passively thinking about getting infected by and STDs or getting pregnant, it is a huge turn off and you will not enjoy your first time completely.

However, if its someone who you know don’t have any STD or can’t get pregnant at this time of the month, you can keep the protection on the side for a bit.

2. Keep Calm and Breathe!

It’s normal to get nervous at the first time you have sex. This is nothing to be afraid of. If you are a boy who is having a hard time getting a full erection, don’t overthink and get nervous about erectile dysfunction. It is completely common and people don’t talk about it All you need to do is take deep breaths and relax your body.

Also, deep breathing helps in enhancing the bodily sensations at different body parts during sex. Something you need to experience and enjoy.

3. Foreplay is As Important As Vaginal Sex

Foreplay is really very important. Especially for girls. Girls orgasm late and multiple times. According to this article of Woman’s day, only 30% of girls are able to reach orgasm during sex. That is insane and scary at the same time. Is there something which us, the guys, are not doing better? Yeah, Foreplay!

Foreplay activities help women to real the early stages or orgasm even before the penetration. Kiss her, play with her boobs, finger her, make her want it! If you are not sure how to proceed with things, it is better to hire any of the good escorts in your town and ask her to teach you things which you can use to other girls.

4. Use Lubrication – Don’t Forget

Without lubrication, the vaginal area gets heated up and causes immense pain to the girl and hence, the first night ruined!

Also, with lubes on the condom, the chances of them getting torn down by the friction are extremely low.

However, now condom manufacturers have started making extra lubed condoms which require no additional lubrication – Get those and you are good to go!

5. Don’t Have Unrealistic Expectations

Sex is natural and it is really messy if you are doing it for the first time. You won’t get the right place, you’ll miss the spots and the chances are, you might not even get an orgasm. Nothing like movies right? where they have all the lovemaking scenes scripted to the 10th of a minute and my god, they orgasm like rockstars.

All you need to know is that you will have to have sex at least 30 times to get it somewhat perfect. Don’t sweat if you haven’t had a memorable experience on your first time, there are many more to come. Cheers!