Did An Escort Just Hang Up On You? Know Where You Went Wrong

It is no doubt that in the due course of our lives everyone has felt lonely and deserted at some point. However, many have chosen to do something about it, rather than be all lonely and depressed. Many people have regularly been hiring escorts in order to meet their sensual needs and rejuvenate their lives, however many tend to just lose out on life.

In our research, we have generally come across two types of people- one for whom escorts have been the pleasant experience they had been looking all their life, and two for whom it turned out to be something they wouldn’t be doing again. So why does this happen, why such different experiences with the same lot of people. Why does your favourite escort does not want to do a second booking with you? Why is she not interested in having a second evening, or a second night with you? Why did the escort hang up on you?

The worst part is that you probably don’t realize and you would do anything but admit that it was because of mistakes on your part. We bring you the top reasons on why your favourite escort hang up on you-

You Were Untidy:

Appearances matter. They certainly matter even more when you are with an escort. You cannot expect her to get down with you when you look all shabby and smell bad. If you want to have a good evening, you need to make sure you give her a good one. Also, she has probably no indication on what kind of a person you are, so if you look shabby and untidy, you are also going to give her an impression that you might be carrying an STD. An STD is a deal breaker for any escort, and with apprehensions as such in her mind, it is very difficult that she would be looking forward towards servicing you.

You Kept Bickering About The Money:

This is one classic example where many go wrong. For any of the upscale Toronto escorts, her price is the mark of her pride. If you question her price, you are questioning her integrity as an escort. You need to have to absolutely agree to her price if you want to have her services. Arguing about it is not going to help. And you get a lot less in services, than you save on the price.

You Went Rough Without An Indication:

Toronto escorts do have a life outside of their profession. Some have boyfriends while some have husbands. If you go rough and leave a mark on her body, you are in a lot of trouble. You cannot just go ahead and leave a mark of your presence on someone’s body without asking. If you want to go rough, ask for it beforehand.

You Thought She Was Super Into You:

A classic one. You are so into yourself that you thought the escort was in love with you and you can have your way with her. Never ever make this mistake. It is an escort’s job to make you feel wanted. Don’t just go into the overdrive.

You Were A Jerk:

This one pretty much stands for itself. You have to be nice to Toronto escorts. She is a person who has come to service you for your happiness. You cannot just take it as an indication to do anything you wish just because you paid. Be nice to her, and expect it to be reciprocated.

We hope that after reading our piece, our readers would be able to better get the value from their bookings with escorts.