Top 4 Tips for Attaining Maximum Pleasure While Being Intimate

Who doesn’t want to have the best sex of his/ her life every time they go for it? There are many ways by which the sexual life can be fired up using certain proven methods. Making love is an art and even taking care of the smallest possible element in an art can make it a legend. Similarly, if you take care of small and minute details while making love to your partner, you can be an instant hit among the ladies!

Believe me or not, these tips were actually acquired by me from a beautiful escort of Toronto Passion Escorts. These are all personal experience and the reason why I’m sharing this with you as I want all of you to have a great time pleasing your partners.

Here we go.

  1. Foreplay is the Decider: If you are wondering why you are not able to completely satisfy your parent, this might as well be the reason. Are you not spending some serious time in foreplay? If not the n you are missing a hell lot of chances for getting maximum pleasure from your partner. This is a factor which, when played well, can drastically enhance your sex life. With foreplay, you take your partner to a highly erotic state which is also known as the Warm State.

Foreplays can be started by touching the body parts in sensual manner, kissing the body smoothly and then intensely. So, if you are looking for a great bed time, don’t miss the foreplay.


  1. Practice Energy Orgasm: It is a usual known fact that orgasm, for all of us, means a physical state of “ejaculation” which is short lived. According of the experienced escorts in Toronto, I got familiar with the concept of Energy Orgasm. It is an intense practice of enhancing the orgasm duration for both males and females. In order to do so, concentration power will be required to meditate your way out to the Energy Orgasm. It starts with breathing-in slowly and gradually, starting sensual movements and visualize erotic activities around you. With proper meditation, the state of Energy Orgasm can be reached quite easily.


  1. Erotic Body Massage: Who is anybody to tell you that erotic massage is not the right way to go for? It is indeed one of the best foreplays ever existed. With full body massage, your partner surrenders her body and soul to you. With a little bit of massage practice, anyone can learn how to perform an exotic body massage. Knowledge of right temperature, music, massage oils and other supplies can make your evening extremely special.


  1. Express Your Emotions: When it comes to expressing your emotions, we usually tend to give it away. By putting a bit of extra effort while making love, you can actually increase the duration of your love making. It is a proven fact that if you express your emotions verbally as well as physically during sex, the outcomes are hugely satisfying. So, don’t keep quite while doing it.

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