How Much Do Escorts Earn?

For anyone who has ever hired an escort, or has been doing it repeatedly and is familiar with the premium they come at, this thought has crossed their mind at some point or the other- How much do escorts really earn? It is really tempting to dive into the metrics of the world and profession of escorts and find out a realistic estimation of the amount they are supposed to make.

While we divulge into any calculations, we have to understand some metrics that really affect the amount of money an escort can make over the duration of a week or a month. The first and foremost is the area in which the escort is offering her services. While metropolitan cities and trade centers offer much better and higher rates for escorting services, simply because the target audience in such areas is affluent and can usually pay premium prices for the offerings. Hence, the average rates in such areas tend to be higher than say , a suburban area. Next is the offering of the escort herself. Some escorts offer some pretty niche stuff and hence their premiums are much higher than the ones who provide services in only the regular niche. Next is the appearance of the escort, it is no secret that well built escorts tend to get higher prices. Then there is also the seasonal variations, some periods of the year tend to bring more business while some periods of the year tend to be only okay in terms of business. Apart from that, also comes the popularity of the escort, while some popular escorts have been reported to charge ridiculously high fees per hour, most of the new comers tend to start at the general average.

One of the most important factors is the escort’s priorities. Some Toronto Passion escorts tend to offer their services daily, while others prefer once or twice a week, whatever tends to suit their priorities best. Some escorts do multiple outcalls in a single day, while many prefer to do only a couple of clients a day. With so many factors in place, the disparities in escorts earnings is really high, but one thing is sure, they earn pretty good as compared to the time they invest in this profession.

Some students and new escorts charge around $200-300 per hour. If they work for five days a week, and attend 3-4 calls a day, this amounts to almost $3000-4000 a week or $12,000 – $16,000 a month. Premium escorts with similar types of arrangements can earn double that amount of money for the same period of time. However, some escorts, like married housewives or mothers tend to lower their number of engagements and are happy with around $1000-2000 a week. This provides them a steady flow of side income and keeps them financially independent.

While almost all the escorts were happy with the amount of money they earned doing what they do, many of them acknowledged they did not plan on doing it forever. For them it was a steady flow of cash for the time being, and after having saved enough to do what they wanted to do, they would eventually want to get out of it and start something else for their life. For many this meant continuing till the completion of their degree and till finding a good job, for others it meant an income option till their financial woes disappeared. Many others plan on doing this just for the rush this provides and plan on doing this till they continue to get the same rush.

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