5 Fine Sex Tips For First Timers Which Make Your First Experience Memorable!

The very first time you have sex with someone, or sexual intercourse whatsoever, it is indeed a deeply individual experience. Sex means different things and comes with different feelings from person to person. In spite of that, there are many detailed steps and tips that can make your very first time having sex easier and more enjoyable, which are pretty generally great things for sexual intercourse to be.

Here are 5 of the best First Time Sex Tips For Virgins:

1. Use Protection: A Huge Mental Support While Having Sex

Believe me, If you are planning to have sex with anybody, stranger or no stranger, use protection. This is both for the girl and the boy involved.

Sex is something which requires your mental strength as well as your physical energy. If you are passively thinking about getting infected by and STDs or getting pregnant, it is a huge turn off and you will not enjoy your first time completely.

However, if its someone who you know don’t have any STD or can’t get pregnant at this time of the month, you can keep the protection on the side for a bit.

2. Keep Calm and Breathe!

It’s normal to get nervous at the first time you have sex. This is nothing to be afraid of. If you are a boy who is having a hard time getting a full erection, don’t overthink and get nervous about erectile dysfunction. It is completely common and people don’t talk about it All you need to do is take deep breaths and relax your body.

Also, deep breathing helps in enhancing the bodily sensations at different body parts during sex. Something you need to experience and enjoy.

3. Foreplay is As Important As Vaginal Sex

Foreplay is really very important. Especially for girls. Girls orgasm late and multiple times. According to this article of Woman’s day, only 30% of girls are able to reach orgasm during sex. That is insane and scary at the same time. Is there something which us, the guys, are not doing better? Yeah, Foreplay!

Foreplay activities help women to real the early stages or orgasm even before the penetration. Kiss her, play with her boobs, finger her, make her want it! If you are not sure how to proceed with things, it is better to hire any of the good escorts in your town and ask her to teach you things which you can use to other girls.

4. Use Lubrication – Don’t Forget

Without lubrication, the vaginal area gets heated up and causes immense pain to the girl and hence, the first night ruined!

Also, with lubes on the condom, the chances of them getting torn down by the friction are extremely low.

However, now condom manufacturers have started making extra lubed condoms which require no additional lubrication – Get those and you are good to go!

5. Don’t Have Unrealistic Expectations

Sex is natural and it is really messy if you are doing it for the first time. You won’t get the right place, you’ll miss the spots and the chances are, you might not even get an orgasm. Nothing like movies right? where they have all the lovemaking scenes scripted to the 10th of a minute and my god, they orgasm like rockstars.

All you need to know is that you will have to have sex at least 30 times to get it somewhat perfect. Don’t sweat if you haven’t had a memorable experience on your first time, there are many more to come. Cheers!


Looking To Hire An Escort? Read This And Have Your Questions Answered!

If you’re really confused or clueless about what to do on your first encounter with an escort then this article might help you with few things you should do before your hunt for escorts.

First thing you should know is if you want a specific service from them as many people have preferences based on their own fetish. You need not feel ashamed about revealing your fetish as you are paying a decent amount for it and you deserve to get what you want for your money.

Always be respectful, well behaved and aware of the needs and limitations of the person you are with because nice attitude and little kindness will surely help you in getting a good deal for the amount you are paying.

Don’t be shy not only while choosing your escort but also when you are with them. They are well experienced and quiet helpful, with their great insight they can help you decide various aspects of your relationship.

An Escort can also satisfy your intellectual needs along with the physical as they are educated and well versed in the pandemonium of personal relations.

Above lines are especially for those who have been hurt in relationships and going through a rough time.

Lastly, don’t ignore the fact that Escorts are seldom cheap or inexpensive because it is not just the preferences but also the expense that matters. So, it can be advisable to book an Escort you fantasize but at the same time, you must take care of the hole that is being drilled in your wallet. You should also see that the money you spent brings something valuable to you instead of going bankrupt for just a short time fantasy.


7 Times Tinder Users Had An Epic Fail

Who doesn’t love tinder. It is the favourite dating app of the world, and everyone we know is already swiping left right and centre on the app. We have already published an article on 7 funniest tinder bios we came across, and the post has seen a very positive response. So today we thought we should bring you some other times where tinder users tried to be cheeky but it was an epic fail. Too much smartness doesn’t always go down well. So while you are swiping for matches this weekend, we hope you don’t encounter what we did.

1. Because Today I Feel Charitable

Who doesn’t like a girl who talks straight to the point and can be an honest partner. While an honest partner is something we all seek, the approach this girl took can make you cringe. However, the end result was totally encouraging and could make you jealous of the guy.

2. Because We All Need Is A Pickle Eating Champion


What is the one quality a man yearns to see in his partner? The ability to stuff your mouth with pickles. You don’t agree with me? You will once you see the picture attached. If you haven’t figured it out by now, you have had it figured all wrong.


3. He Is The World’s Most Powerful Man


What do you do when you are amongst the world’s most powerful men and you have dealt with the world’s businesses ? You go on tinder to find yourself a date, and oh! You don’t be subtle.


4. When She Is Your Soulmate But She Is Already Taken

What do you do when you see someone you think is your soulmate on tinder, and she is with a guy? You hope he is her gay best friend. But what if he is her husband? You ask her to divorce him straight away. Don’t believe me? See what exactly happened when this user found a girl he liked.

f45. When Hodor Is Your Spirit


Who hasn’t seen Game Of Thrones? Who didn’t cringe at the purple wedding? Wait what? We aren’t going to give any spoilers for those who haven’t seen it yet. But what do you do when you match up with someone who haven’t seen the series? You go full retard on them.


6. When You Are Willing To Do Anything For Nudes

An important fantasy of everyone while having things online is the ability to receive nudes. The interest in seeing female body is something everyone is aware of. Another fact that everyone is aware of is of the distance men are willing to go to score one. See for yourself.



7. When You Come Straight To The Point

Every man we have known has been horny while using tinder one time or the other. However this isn’t something you should be using as a conversation starter. Kudos to the girl though for taking it in the spirit. She not only did try to avert an unpleasant conversation, she also showed her wits by responding cheekily to his advances. The guy could have straight up gone to an escort.


While we wish that everyone of our readers have pleasant conversations and enjoyable dates with tinder, some exceptions do always show up. We recommend handling these exceptions in good taste, and as always, you do have the option of blocking a user whose actions are inappropriate. We wish everyone success on tinder.

Qualities You Should Be Looking At While Hiring An Escort Service

Let’s be brutally honest with each other. Who doesn’t love hiring escorts? Escort services are loved by all and are now growing rapidly in a city like Toronto. Now,  with this great demand of escort services, the competition between different Toronto escorts agencies are getting too hot to handle. Again, let’s not put this competition in bad lights because after all, a competition between businesses always serves good for the consumers.

Since different escort agencies are offering similar services at distinguished compensations, it is extremely important to make a list of qualities you should be looking at while hiring the best possible escort service:

Independent or Agency?


It is one of the biggest confusions of all time. Should I go for an independent escort as the services are cheaper than the agency or should I go for the escort agency as they have got some of the best escorts available. In my opinion, it really depends on your budget. If you want to pay $500 for a night, an independent escort will do the trick for you.

But, it you are willing to spend upto $1000 for the extremely professional service, hiring an escort agency will be the best thing you could do at this point. They are answerable for your money spent. If you didn’t like the service, you have someone to complaint to. You can’t really do it with independent escorts.

There is always a third and most obvious way out from these kind of situations. Escort agencies like Toronto Escorts is the most economical and professional escort service provider in the entire city. Even if you are in a tight budget, you can definitely contact them and make a customized package.

Escort Ratings and Reviews


Yo should always search for online user ratings and user reviews for the escorts while making the selection. They are extremely helpful. If you are under the impression that most of the reviews are not from real users but the agencies paid to get them, it is a misconception. It used to be that way but now all the major escort directories and listing services have become more secured and extremely real. There are several round of verification processes in order to give a review.

My recommendation is read the bad reviews first. Those are written with a lot of heart and are mostly true. A consumer who is not satisfied by the service will write more detailed and articulate review than the satisfied one. Just a tip.

Is The Escort Too Friendly Before Even Hiring?

Toronto escorts

You need to be careful here. If the escort you are talking is becomes far too friendly even before hiring, you might land into trouble. All of these marketing tactics are good and fine once you pay up the money. After you pay her, she most probably will take a U-turn in terms of friendliness. You should be looking more into professionalism than anything else. This is why, hiring an escort agency is always good. They are professional as they have got a business to run.

These were 3 of the most important aspects you need to look after while hiring an escort service. Good luck and have a blast!

Did An Escort Just Hang Up On You? Know Where You Went Wrong

It is no doubt that in the due course of our lives everyone has felt lonely and deserted at some point. However, many have chosen to do something about it, rather than be all lonely and depressed. Many people have regularly been hiring escorts in order to meet their sensual needs and rejuvenate their lives, however many tend to just lose out on life.

In our research, we have generally come across two types of people- one for whom escorts have been the pleasant experience they had been looking all their life, and two for whom it turned out to be something they wouldn’t be doing again. So why does this happen, why such different experiences with the same lot of people. Why does your favourite escort does not want to do a second booking with you? Why is she not interested in having a second evening, or a second night with you? Why did the escort hang up on you?

The worst part is that you probably don’t realize and you would do anything but admit that it was because of mistakes on your part. We bring you the top reasons on why your favourite escort hang up on you-

You Were Untidy:

Appearances matter. They certainly matter even more when you are with an escort. You cannot expect her to get down with you when you look all shabby and smell bad. If you want to have a good evening, you need to make sure you give her a good one. Also, she has probably no indication on what kind of a person you are, so if you look shabby and untidy, you are also going to give her an impression that you might be carrying an STD. An STD is a deal breaker for any escort, and with apprehensions as such in her mind, it is very difficult that she would be looking forward towards servicing you.

You Kept Bickering About The Money:

This is one classic example where many go wrong. For any of the upscale Toronto escorts, her price is the mark of her pride. If you question her price, you are questioning her integrity as an escort. You need to have to absolutely agree to her price if you want to have her services. Arguing about it is not going to help. And you get a lot less in services, than you save on the price.

You Went Rough Without An Indication:

Toronto escorts do have a life outside of their profession. Some have boyfriends while some have husbands. If you go rough and leave a mark on her body, you are in a lot of trouble. You cannot just go ahead and leave a mark of your presence on someone’s body without asking. If you want to go rough, ask for it beforehand.

You Thought She Was Super Into You:

A classic one. You are so into yourself that you thought the escort was in love with you and you can have your way with her. Never ever make this mistake. It is an escort’s job to make you feel wanted. Don’t just go into the overdrive.

You Were A Jerk:

This one pretty much stands for itself. You have to be nice to Toronto escorts. She is a person who has come to service you for your happiness. You cannot just take it as an indication to do anything you wish just because you paid. Be nice to her, and expect it to be reciprocated.

We hope that after reading our piece, our readers would be able to better get the value from their bookings with escorts.

Romance or Rough- What Should Be Your Style?

Every relation is unique. The kind of expectations, behaviors and responses in a relation are what make it unique. When two people share a common space, relations ought to develop. When two people live in the same neighborhood, work in the same office, travel by the same bus at the same time every day, they start sharing a bond. And when you start sharing intimacy, the relation becomes even more unique. The kind of bond that you share with your partner, the love, the cuddles, the romantic kisses and gestures, everything attributes to building up of a bond unique in its own nature. Even the relation that you share with Toronto escorts is unique in its own way too.

In the modern times, awareness related to kinks has really spread and thanks to ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’, these things aren’t just the talks behind closed doors. Both men and women have now taken the liberty to discuss their kinks and wishes freely, and thus one might wonder, what kind of moves should he make during love making with his partner, the sensual romantic kind, or the pure passionate rough kind which does not know many boundaries? The answer is- it depends. It depends completely on the kind of partner you have.

The first and the foremost step is that you need to identify what works best with your partner. For some girls, the session should start with romantic intimate love making, and it should stay romantic until the end of the session. Anything rough might turn them off. So, if you have a partner who is all romantic and cuddly, you will have to work according to that. After you have identified your partner’s interests well, you can bring your interests on the table and then you can discuss with her about the possibilities and whether she is prepared to indulge you in your fantasies. Toronto escorts can also help you in learning more about your partner.

There are many girls for whom the love making session should start with a lot of love and care and romance, but tends to progress to rough love making as time progresses. Such couples get a chance to enjoy the best of both worlds. They engage themselves in hugs, and cuddles and sensual exchanges, and then do it rough when the time demands. Such cases can be win-win for both the partners.

And then there are those girls who want it rough the moment the action starts. For them, love is a sign of weakness. They sense the presence of the alpha male, and then they want him to own them. However, the reverse can be also true. Girls too can have a very dominant side, and they have been known to cause men to tremble at their sight. You don’t have to sugar coat your moves in such a relation.

However, in case of huge disparity between the kinks of you and your partner, in order to save your relationship and yet at the same time fulfill your wishes, you can hire an escort. There have been many couples who have experimented with escorts and pimped up their sex life without sabotaging the happiness of any of the partners. Being incompatible in kinks is not that uncommon, and instead of resenting anything and losing much more important things, you should always think of a workaround. Most partners, if they are unable to fulfill their partner’s wishes, allow their partners to hire escorts to fulfill their wishes. Since escorts come with an expiry date, and they are discreet in the handling of the affairs, they are the number one choice for such encounters. You can always visit Ace Toronto escorts to hire the best escorts in town.


A Peek Into The Working of The Best Escort Agencies

If you are reading this article, it means that you have either had some degree of experience with escorts or you are planning on having one and are doing your research. In any case, today we are venturing where very few other agencies have gone and we are bringing you the exclusive insider information about Toronto escorts. Many people are afraid towards making their first call just because of ignorance. Sometimes they are afraid about their identity or their personal information, while many a time they are afraid of various other social and psychological factors, and the level of comfort which can obviously vary from person to person.

The way you get the contact information of one of these agencies is pretty basic and simple. Some of the very high end agencies work solely on the basis of word of mouth. They boast of the most high end and posh clientele and they charge exorbitantly high fees for their services. Needless to say, they cater to some very particular and rare niches too.  The more general variety based agencies have an office, and a web presence to lure their customers. Once you are on their website, you have their contact information and often the pictures of the escorts with their stats to choose the right one for you. Once you place a call to the agency, you are warmly greeted by the receptionist or the manager and provided an overview to the services they offer.  This should be followed by a detailed description on your side about the requirements you are looking for. Once you express the desire for a particular escort, the Toronto escorts solution would forward the information to the desired escort, and shortly thereafter you would get a confirmation about your booking.

The reputed agencies often have a lounge for full time working escorts. This gives them the time to relax and make friends, and have fun and explore other aspects of their life. Some escorts take this time to freshen up, some love reading which makes them more likeable by the client, whereas some just prefer a smoke and some time to relax. It is no surprise, many such women have long lasting friendships, even when they have left the agency. All the agencies pay attention to their escorts, like it is a tightly knit family. It is made sure that they are given adequate rest while generating revenue for the agency. If any client generates any kind of a red flag, the booking is terminated immediately and the client is blacklisted. Agencies prefer the security of their escorts over anything else.

Depending on the nature of the call, the girls are escorted by a car and the driver is also their bodyguard too in most of the cases. Many a time, more than a couple of girls use the same car if they have bookings in the adjacent area. The driver is trained to report to the site if he receives even the slightest hint that the girl might be in danger. Once the booking is over, depending upon the preference of the escort, she is dropped to either her home or the agency. Your information may or may not be retained depending upon the agreement you have with the agency.

So, here we have explained the way most modern escort agencies, such as Ace Toronto escorts  operate on a day to day basis. We hope that since now you know the exact mode of operation of the agencies, you can make a better and informed decision for yourself.

Top 4 Tips for Attaining Maximum Pleasure While Being Intimate

Who doesn’t want to have the best sex of his/ her life every time they go for it? There are many ways by which the sexual life can be fired up using certain proven methods. Making love is an art and even taking care of the smallest possible element in an art can make it a legend. Similarly, if you take care of small and minute details while making love to your partner, you can be an instant hit among the ladies!

Believe me or not, these tips were actually acquired by me from a beautiful escort of Toronto Passion Escorts. These are all personal experience and the reason why I’m sharing this with you as I want all of you to have a great time pleasing your partners.

Here we go.

  1. Foreplay is the Decider: If you are wondering why you are not able to completely satisfy your parent, this might as well be the reason. Are you not spending some serious time in foreplay? If not the n you are missing a hell lot of chances for getting maximum pleasure from your partner. This is a factor which, when played well, can drastically enhance your sex life. With foreplay, you take your partner to a highly erotic state which is also known as the Warm State.

Foreplays can be started by touching the body parts in sensual manner, kissing the body smoothly and then intensely. So, if you are looking for a great bed time, don’t miss the foreplay.


  1. Practice Energy Orgasm: It is a usual known fact that orgasm, for all of us, means a physical state of “ejaculation” which is short lived. According of the experienced escorts in Toronto, I got familiar with the concept of Energy Orgasm. It is an intense practice of enhancing the orgasm duration for both males and females. In order to do so, concentration power will be required to meditate your way out to the Energy Orgasm. It starts with breathing-in slowly and gradually, starting sensual movements and visualize erotic activities around you. With proper meditation, the state of Energy Orgasm can be reached quite easily.


  1. Erotic Body Massage: Who is anybody to tell you that erotic massage is not the right way to go for? It is indeed one of the best foreplays ever existed. With full body massage, your partner surrenders her body and soul to you. With a little bit of massage practice, anyone can learn how to perform an exotic body massage. Knowledge of right temperature, music, massage oils and other supplies can make your evening extremely special.


  1. Express Your Emotions: When it comes to expressing your emotions, we usually tend to give it away. By putting a bit of extra effort while making love, you can actually increase the duration of your love making. It is a proven fact that if you express your emotions verbally as well as physically during sex, the outcomes are hugely satisfying. So, don’t keep quite while doing it.

How Much Do Escorts Earn?

For anyone who has ever hired an escort, or has been doing it repeatedly and is familiar with the premium they come at, this thought has crossed their mind at some point or the other- How much do escorts really earn? It is really tempting to dive into the metrics of the world and profession of escorts and find out a realistic estimation of the amount they are supposed to make.

While we divulge into any calculations, we have to understand some metrics that really affect the amount of money an escort can make over the duration of a week or a month. The first and foremost is the area in which the escort is offering her services. While metropolitan cities and trade centers offer much better and higher rates for escorting services, simply because the target audience in such areas is affluent and can usually pay premium prices for the offerings. Hence, the average rates in such areas tend to be higher than say , a suburban area. Next is the offering of the escort herself. Some escorts offer some pretty niche stuff and hence their premiums are much higher than the ones who provide services in only the regular niche. Next is the appearance of the escort, it is no secret that well built escorts tend to get higher prices. Then there is also the seasonal variations, some periods of the year tend to bring more business while some periods of the year tend to be only okay in terms of business. Apart from that, also comes the popularity of the escort, while some popular escorts have been reported to charge ridiculously high fees per hour, most of the new comers tend to start at the general average.

One of the most important factors is the escort’s priorities. Some Toronto Passion escorts tend to offer their services daily, while others prefer once or twice a week, whatever tends to suit their priorities best. Some escorts do multiple outcalls in a single day, while many prefer to do only a couple of clients a day. With so many factors in place, the disparities in escorts earnings is really high, but one thing is sure, they earn pretty good as compared to the time they invest in this profession.

Some students and new escorts charge around $200-300 per hour. If they work for five days a week, and attend 3-4 calls a day, this amounts to almost $3000-4000 a week or $12,000 – $16,000 a month. Premium escorts with similar types of arrangements can earn double that amount of money for the same period of time. However, some escorts, like married housewives or mothers tend to lower their number of engagements and are happy with around $1000-2000 a week. This provides them a steady flow of side income and keeps them financially independent.

While almost all the escorts were happy with the amount of money they earned doing what they do, many of them acknowledged they did not plan on doing it forever. For them it was a steady flow of cash for the time being, and after having saved enough to do what they wanted to do, they would eventually want to get out of it and start something else for their life. For many this meant continuing till the completion of their degree and till finding a good job, for others it meant an income option till their financial woes disappeared. Many others plan on doing this just for the rush this provides and plan on doing this till they continue to get the same rush.

Things You Did Not Know About Escorts

Although the thrust of what they do is all the same, escorts or if you like, call girl are more than prostitutes. Women found here are more attractive than any other and men who hire them can pick them for actual escorting services such as going out for dinner or cup of coffee and the like. At times they may pick them for the obvious sexual services. With all said by different people, there are some things they do not know about escorts especially those found in Toronto. To start with, European Escorts in Toronto get their jobs depending on how well rated they are. Escorts deal with different people every time from different parts of the country and every client has something to say about the services. They later head to the official website for ratings. So far, very few have had negative or bad ratings and if any, it was due to different reasons.


Secondly, escorts always go for tours. These tours may at some point sound fun considering that they are heading to different places at a time. They explore towns in Europe and other continents such United States of America. However, the deal is not so good when it comes to following agency orders. There are times when their agencies take them to hotels and book rooms for every one of them and call clients. starting the night or servicing the first and second could be a bit cool but then, they are required to deal with so many of them which is pretty messed up but then, they can’t do anything after all it is the nature of their job.

Such set ups actually get lots of women chucking the job since they lack skills of handling such pressure, some will however persevere especially when they remember the money they make at the end of the day. Speaking of money, it is something else you need to know about escorts. They make hell lots of money. An escort making $150 to $400 in an hour clearly has a lot to showcase. At times they dig up $1 000 when dealing with executives. It is due to the huge amounts that they hire lawyers to always stand by them just in case something goes wrong in the process. They have enough money to pay the lawyers after all.

To top it all, European Escorts in Toronto offer different services. They do not play their cards from one place instead, agencies make sure they are placed at different places of the countries and speaking of which, most of these ladies come from different countries. They therefore have different experiences and their agencies ensure you are given a location based on your strong hit. There is always a middle man who talks to parties, the client and escort to know what the client wants and if the escort is well established in the sector, the middleman gives the two a go ahead once payment is made.